farm for sale eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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A Guide to Rural Property Investment

Investing in properties has been a prudent choice for many years. Buildings still continue to be the most attractive fixed assets in the economy and over the years the prices appreciate. Unlike other forms of investment, you will not require excessive maintenance to keep the building going well. Once they have been bought or put up, you can leave it in the care of the tenants under a lease or even fail to renovate. Not much will be changed and the value can be quite constant. In times of financial crisis, buildings don’t seem to be much affected. They are able to keep their prices up all the time and their demand is always high. These reasons make buildings investments worth making.

There are many ways to make your real estate investment make money for you.

You can do something called flipping. Flipping is the process of buying property and then quickly selling it again. The goal is to make big profits from that quick sale. This method is applied when real; estate is gaining in prices quickly. Another way is to buy the house and keep it for along time so that you can benefit from tax breaks and capital appreciation. For capital appreciation to work fully, you must be ready to hold on to the building for a long time so that you can have a lot of price increase on it. The one disadvantage to this is that you will have to be making some repairs on the property as you go along so that the building does not lose value significantly. A buyer would like to have a house that looks new and well-maintained.

Another risk that you may have to face is foreclosure. If you have taken on housing loan and have delayed or failed to pay on your mortgage, you will have the house foreclosed. Foreclosure will mean you may lose ownership of your house. So if you intend to take a loan and then purchase a house so you will sell or rent out in the future for money, then you should not neglect your monthly payments.

Recently many people have resorted to rural real estate investment. This aspect of the industry is very lucrative. You can buy land at a very cheap price and then develop it into a property that resells later for higher profits. As more and more people become interested in rural sports you are bound to make money from a guest ranch or even just grounds for the guests. You can use the acquired property for many uses. You can use it as hunting grounds. This kind of property will suit people who like the sports and would like to come to the rural area to enjoy it. You can go to places lie Kentucky, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming for suitable tracts of land. You can also build a dude ranch. A dude ranch is a place to which people from the city come to enjoy rural western life. More so you can build an equestrian facility for lovers of horse riding. There is another way you can use your rural land.

Buyers of real estate have to look out for the holder of the title of any property they are buying. In the event of a foreclosed house, it is very clear that the mortgagor has the title. But if you are buying an obscure, abandoned house, you will have to be sure about the title. In some cases you may have to do some, legal search to determine the true owner of the building before you commit yourself so that you are not faced with legal problems along the way.

Martin Webbster is a writer for Horse Clicks – horse property classifieds of land for sale, farms for sale, ranches for sale and other horse real estate. Martin is also a featured author at www.ArticleKing.com

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GovernmentAuction.com Helps Those Buying Land With Owner Financing And No Credit Checks

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 9, 2010

GovernmentAuction.com, a premier land auction site for individuals buying previous government land for sale, will begin to offer no credit checks/no qualifying, and built in land financing for individuals buying land with owner financing.

As you review the current seven day listings on the government auction site, GovernmentAuction.com, you’ll notice that many properties can be purchased with full land financing during surplus auctions. But before you begin to worry about your credit history and buying land, with owner financing, be advised that GovernmentAuction.com does not discriminate against any buyer on any pretenses. There are no credit checks, and no qualifying conditions to obtain land financing on most properties and at rates as low as 9.5%.

“In fact, many of the customers who come to the government auction site to buy government land or to find an amazing deal on valuable property wind up using our sales to repair their credit!” said Paul Sabesky Chief Land Strategist for GovernmentAuction.com. “With GovernmentAuction.com’s low interest rates and affordable monthly payments, you can take advantage of our built in land financing service to dramatically repair your credit history if needed.”

About GovernmentAuction.com

GovernmentAuction.com is a land auction site specializing in providing previous government surplus land for sale through online auctions at a savings as great as 60%. GovernmentAuction.com is one of the largest and most successful government surplus auction companies in business, helping people buying land with owner financing. The company, through various governmental agencies, acquires literally thousands of pieces of previous government land throughout the country, and offers them for resale on their auction site. GovernmentAuction.com offers real estate throughout America including foreclosed properties, raw acreage, recreational land, retirement property, waterfront properties, farms for sale, hunting & fishing retreats and much more. While some auction companies won’t hesitate to charge a fee just for the privilege of browsing the listings, foreclosed government land, and placing a bid, GovernmentAuction.com has always been free and no membership is required. The company was founded in 1984, to help enable everyday buyers to bid on government land across America.

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farm for sale eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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Why You May Want To Buy Kentucky Home For Sale Instead Of Renting

There are many ways to invest your money for profit. You can buy stocks, bonds or some other securities. But buying a home may be a very big investment opportunity for you. It is one of the main means through which many people create wealth for themselves. It may require a big capital outlay in the beginning but once you are able to buy the building outright or get a mortgage going, you are off to a great start in building wealth for yourself. You can buy the home for resale or for rent. If for resale, you can sell the same building for about twice or thrice the amount you bought depending on the location and the time. If you are offering for rent, you can earn a meaningful income on it.

Investing in a home should be done in the same way that you buy stocks. You should do your due diligence and be ale to find out which house and where will get you the best prices. If you intend to sell, they should be appreciating over the years and the locality must be somewhere that a lot of people like.

If you buy a home you enjoy of security that other investment avenues do not provide. If you are going to rent a house, then you may have to quit after sometime if your rent expires. The homeowner may need the building for his own use, so you will have to leave it. So renting poses a threat to the stability of your family or personal self as far as moving and relocating is accented. When you buy your own house and you occupy it, you are assured that you will live there as long as you want without having to be told to quit for repairs or some other reason. Again, if you buy instead of renting, you can be assured that you are not going to pay exorbitant rentals to the homeowner. Some increases can come at a short notice making you feel uncomfortable with the increment.

If you buy your own home, then you will not have to be moving and relocating often. You can be at the same location for as long as you want without thinking of moving. The cost and inconveniences of moving can be very daunting for a person.

If you buy a home, you can be able to pay off the mortgage before you retire. This means you will not be burdened with financial commitments of renting when you are on retirement. At retirement you cannot count so much on income so it will be prudent to buy the house now and then pay off the mortgage so that when you retire you would have had a house to live in without worrying about rent.

As a homeowner you can use your home to take secured loans. This feature can be very handy during times of financial need. This loan can be used to meet some urgent needs and later repaid. It is easier to obtain secured loans with a home. You can have a very large amount of money to solve some needs. The lender would only need to confirm that you are the true owner of the property to obtain the loan.

If you own your home you have the opportunity to use your space as you lie. There are no restrictions as to what you can do and what you cannot do. You do not have to abide by any extensive rules which in many cases are so inconvenient to occupant. Again, a home owner has total control over how to use the property. At worst, he can sell it off to meet some obligations or secure loan and use rent to offset it. This way, he will not be distressed so much during bad times.

Martin Webbster is a writer for Horse Clicks – horse property classifieds of Kentucky land for sale, farms for sale, ranches for sale and other horse real estate. Martin is also a featured author at www.ArticleKing.com

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GRANDVILLE, Illinois view of Farm for sale, antique1876

Farm For Sale on eBay:

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Horse Property Buying Tips

Horse properties have become quite common of late. No longer the preserve of Colorado or Kentucky ranchers, city dwellers and investors are also looking into horse property investment. They understand that this area of real estate is growing very fast and commands a lot of buyers. Mostly, the investors buy the property for possible resale or use by themselves. For personal use, when they can retire to these properties during the summer and partake of all that the rural America has to offer. They can build a ranch and breed cattle on the rural properties. Or, they can behold the scenic rural west and go on fishing and hunting expeditions. The possibilities are endless. As a resalable property, investors believe that with time the prices and demand for horse properties will be on the increase as many people look to the rural areas for land and recreation. As rural land still remains cheap, these investors find it worthwhile to buy large tracts of land and convert into ranches.

How does one go about the business of looking for a horse property for sale?

Well, your first approach would be to think about the barn. This is the place that you will need most for the horses. Will you want to build a new barn or use the one on the ranch? Is existing barn in good shape? Does it complement the structure you intend to put up on land? Is it large enough to contain the number of horses you intend to rear? Typically, you will have to look out for many things to arrive at a good barn. The barn must be strong and study. It must be strong enough to withstand the rumbling of the horses. There should be no large gaps through which some of the horses may break through. If you intend to build a new ban, are you going to make a carpenter construct one for you or you will use prefabricated type? Each option has it own cost. You will also have to consider how close the barn is to the road. To avoid accidents and dustiness, you will want to get a barn that is farther away from the road so that the swirl from the passage of cars on the road will not accumulate in the yard. If you are going to use the existing barn, inspect the floors. Are they suitable for sleeping by the horses?

Consider access to your property. Do you have well constructed roads so that trucks can easily reach your property to deliver supplies? Can the trucks turn in the yard without problems?

The fence will also have to be very strong for this type of property. Meticulously look at the posts to determine if they are strong and can withstand a horse that is trying to beak away. You should determine if the stakes and the wood work are safe so that the horses will not injure themselves in any way. Many property owners would like to use wood fences but they can be expensive to maintain. They require frequent painting and replacement. They are susceptible to the weather and can even rot away. They are however cheap to construct in the first place.

Vinyl fencing is more durable and requires less maintenance but very expensive to install.

How easy can you find water? Many properties have wells but access to nearby stream or some other water body will be of great benefit.

Think about how you will provide lighting for the place? Has the owner installed solar panels or generator the event that the grid fails?

If you intend to hold a large number of horses, you will have to get ample storage for them. Judging by the size of the property, can you hold that number of horses you envisage? Do you have enough room to store their supplies including food?

Then you have your home to consider. How is the residential facility sited on the land? Is it convenient for you? Will you have to pass through the horse feeding area or barn before you exit?

Martin Webbster is a writer for Horse Clicks – classifieds of horse property for sale, farms for sale, ranches for sale and other horse real estate. Martin is also a featured author at www.ArticleKing.com

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Buying Rural Real Estate for the First Time

Buying a new home can be as tricky as anything. A home is going to be a permanent place either for you to stay or for resale later in the future. If you intend to stay in the house that you are going to buy, then you need to do a lot of assessment to determine its suitability for your needs. You may want to consider the number of rooms, the location and even the surroundings to see if it meets your personal life style aspirations. If you are going to offer it for sale in the future, you will have to assess it marketability in the future and the price appreciation. At the time of sale, will it fetch bigger money or smaller one? In this piece, we take a look at how to go about buying a house for yourself.

Unless you have years of experience in buying houses yourself, it would be simple and good if you sought the services of an agent. The agent will help you choose the house, negotiate the price and then be able to verify all the paper work to ensure that the property you are buying is free from lien. This way you will not get caught up in any legal wrangling when you buy the house. Many new owners have bee overwhelmed with legalities that they ignored during the early stages of their transactions. These court actions can cost you a lot.

In choosing an agent, discuss your issues with him. Let him know your personal preferences. Many agents are eager to sell and rightly so. They may just assess your preliminary need and then offer you a house. You must discuss your need thoroughly before you finally decide on a house with him. You will need to move around with him in selecting the property. At this point you can be able to notice certain things in the locality or on the property that you like or do not like. The agent will factor all these things into his search so you finally get a house that you like.

Shop for the agent just like you will shop for a house. Talk to many of them and see the one who best understands your needs. Also get the one who will give you lower fees and will patiently work with you. Be sure to get an agent who will work with you throughout the purchase instead of someone who will just give you one that he finds. Being part of the purchase process will give you the opportunity to notice anything amiss with the purchase.

If you are not making an outright purchase, you may need a mortgage broker as well. The mortgage broker must have a lot of experience in the type of house you want to buy. You may also want to look up their references and see how they have dealt with their customers and clients in the past.

During the paper wok, be sure to read all about your obligations and then be able to understand all portions. If there is any aspect that you do not understand, do well to ask questions before you finally sign the paperwork.

Even if you are able to locate an agent or mortgage broker through the internet, try as much as possible to meet with the person. This way you will be able to ascertain his personality and how he can work with you to get a better house. Make sure you understand your financial obligations and how much you will have to pay each month so you are not overburdened or forced to foreclose teahouse.

As you shop for the home with your agent, be looking at the compounds and the structures. Determine any repairs that will have to be made and how they cost. That will give you a fair idea of hoe much the total transaction will be like.

Martin Webbster is a writer for Horse Clicks – horse property classifieds of land for sale, farms for sale, ranches for sale and other horse real estate. Martin is also a featured author at www.ArticleKing.com

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Why You May Need To Buy An Arizona Home For Sale

There is no doubt that a home could be the soundest investment you may ever make for various reasons. A home could afford you a peace of mind and also security in times of need. As you live in your own home, you would not be paying rent or be faced with the problem of higher rentals that you may not be able to meet. You also avoid the risk of been asked to over at short notice. In times of financial need, you can dispose of the house or mortgage it to get some funds to meet your financial obligations.

Buying a home is a big investment and many people spend years of planning and saving to be able to buy it. Buying a house initially can be a very tiring experience. You will have the search to do, the agent to contact, the legalities to follow and sometimes the after purchase tax obligations to meet. But put together, a home is a big investment that will pay off. The returns may not be immediate but with time you may realize that you are free from all the inconveniences of living in somebody’s home.

If you buy a home, you are free from annual or monthly rentals that can be quite stressful if your finances face some slight problems. If you would like to rent, then you should be assured of payment of all times – something that one cannot count on very much in these times of financial down turns. Many people are therefore deciding to face the storm by buying a house outright and the rather pay the home loans gradually till the debt is exhausted. They would rather want to be receiving a fraction of their pay rather than face the immense uncertainties that rentals come along with.

Some people hate to be moving around. They want to stay at one place for a long time. They would not want to be moving from one location to the other. For these people renting a home would not be ideal. They would rather want to buy the home so they can be assured of permanence. The act of moving itself involves so much stress that one would want to avoid. Apart from payments made to the moving company, you will have to look for new schools for your kids and where your company has no branch in the new area, you will have to look for anew job. In many cases, you will need to make new installations to get comfortable.

In times of financial need, you can sell off your house and get some money to meet those financial needs. Better still you can mortgage it off and then immediately settle your financial obligations as you look forward to pay everything you borrowed. This alternative may be better than big personal loans that will require some inconvenient form of payment. Many people are also renting out their houses and using the rent collected to pay off the mortgage.

A home can be used to provide financial security. Buildings appreciate over time and their values keep increasing. If you therefore own a house, you can be able to get higher prices than you originally bought it for over the years. This way you are able to get back your initial investment and the profit from the sale too.

After some time of occupation, a homeowner can decide to rent out the building to get some monthly or yearly income. Since it is not a sale, the owner can also get back full ownership and use of the house should he need it. So he stands to benefit in two ways – he can take rent as monthly income and then take back the house from the occupants if the financial need is no more.

Martin Webbster is a writer for Horse Clicks – horse property classifieds of Arizona land for sale, farms for sale, ranches for sale and other horse real estate. Martin is also a featured author at www.ArticleKing.com

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